HELP! Can't get out of G5-G4

I've been up and down through G5 and G4 several times where I will just get promoted and demoted over a few games. I'll generally get to G5 lower LP and go and a massive winning streak. Once I get into G4 I can make it to around 50-90LP and then I'll go on a massive losing streak. There seems to be a huge inconsistency with my teams when I'm going through these phases. My win streaks I'll generally get a good team where no one feeds and we all go even or at least win lane. When I go on my losing streaks I'll get a lot more flamers, toxic players and feeders. To start my losing streak I had a 4-19 Vayne on my team and I realised my losing streak had begun for the third or fifth time. I know most people are going to tell me that I'm being gated and it's the systems way of telling me I'm exactly where I need to be but I feel like I'm not even getting a chance to carry at all when my team is going 0-7. I'm not blaming just my team and I feel like there are some games were I could of performed better but 8/10 I'll do well but not well enough to 1v5 a fed team. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but I'm kind of sick of not being able to climb any further because the matchmaking system just puts me with low silver/unranked versus plat last season G3 & G2 and I wish I was exaggerating. I'm a pretty decent support so if you're around G4-5 and an ADC add me IGN: Bunny Any insight / tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
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