OBS Lag / FPS drop / Windows 10 version 1803 April Update

Question / Help - Lag fps drops with obs open. Windows april update
Windows updated yesterday to the april update 1803. Now when I open OBS and for example csgo my FPS drop to 90/150 without obs open is 350/400. Game feels terrible like everything is slow. Yesterday before the windows update everything worked flawless. This problem happened before with...
Hi Guys, If you are a streamer using OBS and recently noticed lag and fps drop it might be related to the Windows 10 April update. I have also tried another streaming software such as GameShow and i still get the lags. Just in case someone else out there is having this issue. Sadly the fix on the OBS site didn't work for me, if anyone found a way to get it working again let me know. Cheers
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