Runes or a Champion? (Rioters, feel free to look as well)

Hi Everyone, Recently, I hit level 30, and I was planning to prepare myself for ranked. However, I am split in deciding if I should save up and complete my rune pages, or buy Thresh to fulfill my 16-champ requirement. (Note, I generally play top-laners and supports). Now, before you start saying "Duh, what kind of question is this," please hear me out. I am only allowed to play two games per day, and I can only play on Fridays and Saturdays. So as you can see, earning IP takes a lot of time. On top of that, I am on a pretty big tilt, so getting IP for anything is extremely tedious and long. So, I figured that my support champions are quite limited, with Sona being my only true support that I own. So, I really wanted to buy Thresh, but like I said, gaining 6300 IP takes a helluva long time. (Probably a good 3-4 months, if I manage to get out of tilt). So I need your opinion. Is it wiser to just concentrate my priorities on Runes, or refund a champ and get Thresh? (Btw, I can refund Ekko- I hardly play him anymore, due to the fact that I don't really play Mid Lane) Maybe, if some kind soul or Rioter will gaze on my pitiful post with generosity and gift me Thresh... wouldn't that be a dream come true? Thanks a lot guys, -Anserem
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