How is this worth a perm ban?

You're even rank 5 with him, rofl. Vi, just ult Yi 24/7. Wtf? Wtf are you doing, Ahri? Stop eating me ffs. It’s also the third time you've done it and caused any stacks I've had to vanish… I'm happy that Yi is gonna lose. But never play Tahm again. You’re horrible. Watch the replay. He's trash… “Bad games.” He's garbage. Instead of eating and throwing minions, he ate me and caused my damage to drop… All 6 are your fault! With your worse-than-bronze supporting. It is your fault. End it, please… Then report this garbage Tahm. Point? I had a support worse than co-op vs AI bots. 4v4. This Tahm is garbage. He didn’t poke at all… No. You’re not. I'm the best player, mechanically, in this game. You’re all garbage. Graves… Stfu. Play a champ that takes some skill. You make Yi look like a pro player. I wanted Yi to lose. Moment I saw him in cs I knew that he had to lose. Honestly, Tahm, next game play Yi. He’s your skill level. Ah! You're American Now I know why you're so trash. Garbage. Lee isn’t weak… You just have no mechanics. ? 3/4. r0fl. I don’t have a support. I don’t think Tahm has eaten one enemy this game. Despite the fact it does like 30% of their hp. Tahm ate me so I couldn’t Rend. Like, I'd get a minion down, and then he’d eat me. His ult was off cd, and you ate me for that reason. Be quiet. You’re trash. Next time eat a minion… And spit it at them. Noob Naut. Doesn’t peel. Report Yi and Tahm. Unskilled. Now I have to take the time to make a new account.
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