Toxic Smurf players

Why do Smurf players have to be so toxic to new players. I was watching my nephew playing as him and I are both noobs and trying to get a understanding of the game, mechanics, builds etc. We watch youtube a lot to give us an idea on the who, what, when, where's and why? Unfortunately there are a quite a few of out there. You have a few good Smurf players that are helpful, but I can count them on my 1 hand, vs the trolls and toxic smurfs, nearly triple them. Unfortunately today I experienced watching a player just being really toxic and wow. 'I'm making this smurf account for my team"??? Why would you? Is your main not capable? Or are you just bad and do this to boost your ego. Unfortunately I watched a very toxic player - cyN Edge" taunt his 2 lane opposites, brag and act like a good 12 year old keyboard warrior. <y nephews whole team left him to defend top lane against him and his 2 other smurf mates. He may be a great player or experienced, but the type of game play and toxic ways you talk about ingame is just wrong. Your a SMURF, you should be humble and helpful - setting a example not beat down the noob and make a example for your ego. Also your friends in the game need to not be supporting his bad actions, because you all reported the noob for "Verbal abuse" as a warning popped on his screen after game, when he was more the recipient..... All my nephew said was "gg Smurf, ty for being in low tiers boosting your ego. Seriously, why do SMURFS even play low tiers? can't you handle high tiers???" . " I ask because I like most are here to learn, not be trolled by experienced players. Or are you here because you a bad in high tiers?" Anyway in another game I play, Smurfs trolling low tiers are known as "Seal Clubbers". They play these tiers for their ego's and generally are really bad in high tiers. To be honest though, feel good when playing, if your just spanking your laner, but don't be a doosh bag and taunt your oppo, try the opposite and give tips on how the other can improve. or rotate from your lane and give one of your less experienced team mates a chance to play that lane. Spread the team spirit no solo badness. Before I started playing I heard this game has the most toxic players in any out there. Well I experienced it today. And the guys actions were rewarded not punished or stopped.... From playing the game myself so far, I have seen not much of this Toxicity that is said, but seriously good players I have seen are also humble, not rude obnoxious 12 year old acting players bragging and taunting, but instead, helping and teaching. Its why I still play, but that 1 toxic player takes away 10 new players there to have fun. The loss of those 10+ players from 1 toxic player takes more, and more money from the company providing us these services. Is there a option for these Smurfs to be put in a automatically higher class or honest noobs be put against real noobs also learning? But then I guess they have to be honest about it when registering, which they aren't, or there wouldn't be "Seal clubbing" Also is there a replay system option or something? Because alot of this crap disappears with replays and proper tribunal bans occur. I used to moderate and do the replay watching sanctioning bans etc. It costs me nothing and the company to find people like us? has riot thought about this? or have it in place? I am pretty thick skinned from my lifes experience, but their anti social behaviour ruins it for many. And the system of reporting without proof isn't a effective one to say the truth. Do you have Ingame Moderators? It works well if they're there. From my other game, there is a few of us. They supplement the Tribunal system. But if caught ingame, they act immediately which halved the trolling since its incorporation.
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