Is the lack of Blue Essence driving people away?

{{champion:32}} I know quite a few new people who join the game and enjoy it, but it seems after a while they drop off and lose interest. When talking to them there's always one solid complaint - "**I can't get the champion I want, I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere and I have the worst luck**". Honestly, I don't blame them as the new reworked Blue Essence reward system got rid of the old IP bonus per game (which made the games feel rewarding each and every game, knowing you were progressing towards that 6300 you've been eyeing out). Right now the Blue Essence flow isn't good enough, you have to sacrifice Champion Shards for _**crazily reduced value**_ just to get someone you want without hoping on RNG sheer luck. **A system like this doesn't promote the game to new players, it hinders them greatly.** I reached level 100 recently and the rewards were very underwhelming considering the feat, 2 champion** shards **- {{champion:202}} Jhin (6300) and {{champion:106}} Volibear (4800) + level 100 emote & ward skin. (Not even 2x 6,300?) I ended up disenchanting both shards and receiving piddly blue essence in comparison to the old system and the amount of games I had to play. **** I think a reasonable change which meets in the middle would be making the champion shards for milestones (levels 10, 20, 30, 40.. etc) have the option to choose which champion of that bracket you want; so if I get {{champion:202}} Jhin (6300), I could instead swap it for {{champion:245}} Ekko (6300) and purchase him. **** {{item:2319}} **But overall the best thing to do would be reconsidering universal BE per game, not just the first game - per game. Make the game feel more rewarding for new players.**
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