[BUG REPORT] Azir's W bug on towers (no cooldown)

I know, i know.. i need to post this on the 'Report a Bug (NA)' board, but considering you need 50+ up votes to even get onto the first page on their server for it to be seen, and seeming I'm from OCE my opinion is worth significantly less. So to stop this post being lost in a seething mass of people who wont even listen to it, I thought it was best to post it here and if it IS a bug then our riot guys can pass it on, its significantly more efficient, after all we have OCE boards for a reason. :) Anyway without further ado: Azir's W if used on a tower has no cooldown and can be double tapped on a tower for instant 2x damage, i havent seen anything in the patch notes about this being a thing (but i could have missed it) so I'm assuming its a bug. i can provide images/video if requested :) Azir is my main and favourite champion in every way, i love playing him but if i beat my opponent i want to do it because of my actions (and Azir's) rather than exploiting a bug.
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