I actually feel a little sorry for low elo....

So i'm smurfin and i got placed in silver 2, the amount of trolls is crazy, you get an Ezreal that decides to troll and builds a Triforce and Gauntlet, you get someone who doesn't get his mid lane so he picks Teemo and says "i'm trolling gonna sit in there jungle all game", you get another troll who didn't really have any reason actually, his previous game he trolled and he says hes gonna troll this game again. I'm amazed at how bad it actually is, do trolls not realize that the reason they cant climb is because they're trolling? Maybe, just maybe if you didn't troll, you wouldn't be so bad and you wouldn't be in elo hell? Granted these trolls are probably kids like 15 years old and there brain isn't fully developed, but still, this is kinda why a kick option in lobby and a harsher punishment for trolls is a good idea. Doing the honors of dodging for the other players is startin to get a little annoying.
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