Things Riot should do to stop Toxicity.

A) Stop doing instant 2 week bans off of a No-No word. Fact is these instant bans, don't actually do much, and when part of your philosophy not long ago was "most players are neutral players, very few are actually toxic" these instant escalations don't actually do much except make the player you just escalated feel like shit, it doesn't stop toxicity. It also doesn't help, that the people who are getting caught by these words in bans, don't necessarily know that these words have been magically added to a list that you just don't tolerate now, and that makes these bans feel unfair. Not to mention, 1 word triggering these bans to be instant 2 week's, is just.... dumb, chat restrictions make way more sense for this, and feels fairer to the player. B) In bans, highlight the words that have flagged an account, don't just give a chat log. Sure a chat log is "helpful" but fact is in a lot of cases, players are banned off of a few words, highlight them, because lets face it, the actual toxic players already know which words to actively avoid, your not doing anything useful by not telling people who aren't necessarily trying to be toxic, WHAT their actual infraction was, sure a chat log can help, but it really doesn't when the bot can't even tell what the context of the words was, and when in the moment those words can feel right (towards people who are actively making the experience worse for players.) and in a lot of context's are simply just someone flaming someone that is being more toxic then themselves. C) Stop using reports. Fact is, it really shouldn't take a report, if so many of these words are instant ban triggers, the chat should be scanned entirely, to see if a trigger word is said, and that person should get their ban, regardless of if a player in their game actually reports them. D) Have misspelled versions of the word in the no-no word database. Fact is i have seen a few players getting away with these words, with them just being spelt slightly wrong, that really isn't fair that they can get away with the same things, if they just spell things slightly off. E) Bring back tribunal Fact is, your bot is ass, and this is easier on both you guys, and better for the players, because we actually decide what is toxic. And players can determine if the context of the potential ban, is enough to grant leniency. All you really need to do, is make a tribunal where if we choose that they are guilty, we also choose what level of guilt they are at (for example, someone is Guilty enough to get a minor sentence, an average sentence, or a large sentence (which would be the escalation).) Then you can also instead of sending a chat log, send them a log of the tribunal and what percentages of players said what. F) Stop protecting those who get banned. Name and shame is already not allowed on boards, so not telling multiple people that have reported a player, that X player name got banned, doesn't actually work in your favour. And on top of this, don't only tell the last reporter, tell at least people in the last 2-3 games of the banned person. I'd love to see Riot actually deal with toxicity, even though i know it's only an act, it'd be better to see at least some action from Riot to help this community not be totally shit.
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