RIOT please help me! i don't know what to do D:

I made a comment on the 'Forging poppy's hammer' page: my comment was about how old poppy's hammer wasn't quite her main feature, then later on when i checked back, someone had commented on my comment with a "Wow everyone needs to watch this video" link, which is obviously a virus or scam or whatever, but then when i checked back at the end of that day, both my comment and the scammer's comment had been deleted, and i had received a 'scam' ban from the boards until march 3rd. it wasn't even me, why was i punished because he posted his link on my comment? i cant help it if he chose mine over someone else's please can you just look at the comment that you banned me for and you'll see that my comment had nothing to do with a scam at all, and the one that did have a scam wasn't posted by me at all. My summoner name is Lord Sesshomaru (using a friends account to post this, because obviously I'm banned...) please just look at the comment i was banned for, and you'll see its just a mistake.
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