Ryze Rework

The Ryze Rework came on live this morning, and I was dedicated to playing him even before the rework came out, but now that it is out, I have a few things to say. 1. His combo variety is actually so awesome, it feels like a fighter game. You can do DPS (QWQEQ), defensive/speed (QEWQ), waveclear/aoe (EEQ), the list goes on. He is probably the most diverse character for combo-ing in the game now. 2. After playing a few games as him I finally got the hang of his ult. At rank 1, it isn't really a gap closer. It is used more as a suprise tool for ganking/roaming. You can sit behind an area that doesn't get warded early game, and ult in either top lane or bot lane or even mid lane. You could probably get there faster by walking, but it's the surprise teleport combined with ghost that makes it so good. At rank 2, a lot of team possibilities open up. For example, we lost our jg at one point. So I used ult with our Bard to flank them behind, and as they chased us, I combo'd and killed Graves and then ghosted around to the rest of my team where we aced them. It is a great ability. 3. I think they might have finally done the proper rework. This one seemed so broken on the PBE, and I thought he could be monstrous on live, but they clearly traded his momentary broken windows of power for an all around "strong" champion. I say strong meaning he is good, but can be shut down all the time instead of when his passive is down, and in return he gets a decent damage output all the time instead of when his passive and ult are up. 4. He is balanced now. He definitely has some good trading power early game, but he doesn't go completely broken even when fed. His damage is respectable and ultimate is strong, but I don't suspect Riot will be nerfing him, especially compared to other reworks/new champions we have had in the PAST. (Ekko joke). He probably could be nerfed if pros abuse his team play potential, but as a stand alone champion I think they did really well in designing the new new new new Ryze, and I look forward to seeing innovation from professionals. What I mean by balanced just to clarify is he doesn't have that crazy 1v1 or 1v2 potential anymore. His burst was extremely broken and just took some basic W-Q-E-Q to pull off. Anyway before I keep ranting I'm gonna end it here and say good job Rito Gems, and if anyone has opinions about the new Ryze or disagrees with me, please comment below.
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