Can people please stop playing camille for the first time in ranked?

Camille is a champion that is based around champion/game knowledge and is also a tanky bruiser champion like {{champion:39}} Build her to her strengths and build tanky, she has high base damage and doesn't need a full ad build I would advise to play a few custom/normal games before you take her into the ranked environment. PSA: if you play camille in ranked expect to be camped, don't rage about it, your playing a champion knowledge based champion in the first few days of its release so of course a jungler would camp you non stop. (i'm only writing this because the last 3 people who played camille in my ranked games have gone: 0/5/0, 0/13/7 and 1/4/2 then raged towards the jungler for not ganking them, then afk'd)
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