I just wanted to say...thank you

Warning: This post may contain high levels of awkwardness and a lot of 'thank you's:P Hey guys, I've been playing league for about 2 months now and I just wanted to take some time to thank the people(in general) who have made my LoL experience here so enjoyable:). Every day when I log on and play a few games of normals, the community always surprises me by being so friendly and encouraging :D. From the {{champion:131}} jungle who understood that I needed some help as {{champion:103}} to defeat {{champion:50}} to the enemy {{champion:99}} who gave me amazing tips in item builds and etc., I could go on and on about these people who helped me improve sooo much as a player, thank you all!:) Thank you everyone who does their best in every game and goes into a game with a mindset of 'Let's win, we can do this!!:)' ! Thank you everyone who takes a lil time in a game to help out a someone who seems to be in trouble!:) Thank you everyone who generally tries their best to be nice!:) You guys all make someone's day so much more enjoyable with every little amazing thing that you do, so thank you for that:D And of course, thank you Riot for making this amazing game! I can tell that A LOT of thought has been put into champion & gameplay balance, skins(it's obvious that a lot of people worked hard to make each and every one of the skins, and there are...a lot of skins xD), lore and etc.! :3 Thank you EVERYONE, and gl all in game!!!:D
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