Old Jedi proverbs of great wisdom and knowledgeness.

If live long enough you do, much ignorance you will find, impart wisdom I shall. ________ **"If only one of you there is, lose teamfight you will."** - **"When squishy team you have, pick jungle graves you should not."** - **"If use your ult for farming you do, too short a cooldown it has."** _(cough Ezreal, cough Lux)_ - **"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to salt. Salt, is the path to loss."** - **"Check phone you do, and lose fight you shall."** - **"When vs Zed you do, let go of all you fear to lose, for lose it you shall."** - **"Last pick assassin you will, only when 2 or more tanks you have."** - **"Instalock you do, in bronze you shall stay."** - **"Every move of pros, mindlessly you copy? learn you will not."** - **"If push lane do you, demand gank you should not."** - **"When 0/7/0 you are, build tri-force you don't."** - **"If surrender in ranked you do, forever padawan you will be."** - **"Check map you should, safer will you be."** - **"If In bronze assassin meta, insist on playing Azir, Aurelion Sol and Taliyah you do, punch yourself in the face you should, save you pain it will."** ________ Pass on, what you have learned...
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