Ranked Mentality and Improvement

I started season 5 at the time when Tahm Kench was released. In season 6 I played a minimal amount of ranked games and finished at Bronze 5 0lp. This season I've been practicing more and have been trying to improve / climb. I've made it into Bronze 1, the highest I've been. I'm finding there are variables I can't control that can make a lot of games difficult to win however: * Feeders, trolls, smurfs, leavers, bad players Feeders in lane are the biggest issue. One reason I like to play mid is to be able to influence lanes by roaming. If people were to break even in lane, and knew their roles at a basic level (eg: i'm the font line. I engage and soak damage when my team is around, and when it's a good time to fight) it would be enough. * Team MMR Statistically some teams have a greater chance of winning, however usually teams are pretty close * Getting primary and secondary roles I'm working on this often. I'm primarily a mid laner since it suits my style, I have a good champ pool, and feel you can carry and best take the game by the balls. I've converted adc to my secondary position as I think it's the next best position to do the same thing, however you're more dependent on having a front line, bot lane match ups are quite distinct, and you have to synergise with a sup. Two champs for every position, meta champs preferrably. * Team synergy and communication Teams without balanced sources of damage, cc, or a front line tend to suffer. Team mates out of position, or diving in 1v5 without the team or any pings. Being able to capitalise on objectives (frustrating when a team is aced with a turret in front of the team and everyone backs). -- I'm finding from the above that over playing a number of games things work out, as the other team/players can experience the same issues. If I'm consistently performing, winning lane (particularly mid) etc, I win games. It can be difficult when you get a string of losses however and find it can be easy to place blame on a combination of the above. If I were better however I know I could carry more of those games, and have been able to with some of them. What I'm looking for now is ways to have more control over those things, and to improve. Some things I'm trying: * Watching streams, watching my own games, coaching, youtube, practise tool etc * Memorising acronyms and things to improve mAPM, awareness etc eg: Gold Level Items Health Mana Summoners (things to assess on our team and enemy team, particularly in lane: GLIHMS) eg: Vision Whereabouts (of everyone) Objectives Timing (power spikes and game time) (VWOT: more macro game assessments) * Small champ pools of meta champs (thankfully over the last few years I have a good pool of champs as the meta has changed, and if it were to change again I could adapt) * Being able to play all roles. Focusing on mid, adc, and sup (usually the autofill pos) * Check op.gg to see if I need to dodge someone tilted, or a troll * being a teams emotional support, and mentor (point out mistakes respectfully for correction) * ping everything, ward where possible, be dependent on self where possible to carry games * agression - dominating lane is more likely to let you pressure the map and win games * in pre-game lobby communicate to secure a good team composition - question bad picks * say hello, glhf, gj etc in chat to increase morale, particularly if team is tilted * ranked anxiety - don't be afraid of demotion etc. it doesn't feel good, however the experience for improvement is amazing (very different game from norms, and it's harder to improve just playing norms) Anyway that's where i'm at. Does anyone have any thoughts, or advice? Would anyone like to duo with me, or be my critic? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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