hahaha it took them 3 years to perma ban me

And you know what im going to do? just roll a brand new account and do it all over again, i dont give a shit about your community riot, because youve let it rot away to trash. And quite frankly, if i tell someone ahead of time "hey im tilted from playing 21 fucking games today and losing promos 3 times in a row" and they still decide that its a good idea to poke the bear, then they deserve whats coming to them. Because thats the kind of low level intelligence that gets you killed irl. The only difference is ill have an even shorter fuse for the next account because i wont have a bunch of skins and borders staring back at me saying "no no dont be toxic or youl lose us" a completely f2p account on the other hand im more than willing just just absolutely destroy the lives of anyone that crosses me in ranked on, because i dont see these people as human, they are too stupid to be human, so i dont extend that basic level of respect to them. YellowBrickRoad: nah fuck you YellowBrickRoad: oh hey YellowBrickRoad: oh dw i will i will YellowBrickRoad: tbh my own team banned out cass then i had to play against a malz that wont fight without vayne YellowBrickRoad: so yeah yikes YellowBrickRoad: just as an fyi bot im gonna keep coming until i get my damn kill YellowBrickRoad: so actually help if you dont want your lane fed YellowBrickRoad: no no no YellowBrickRoad: you heard what i said YellowBrickRoad: i dont care dude YellowBrickRoad: mate YellowBrickRoad: my main got banned by our own fucking team YellowBrickRoad: and i had to lane against someone who innately fucking counters kat YellowBrickRoad: because passive YellowBrickRoad: AND he wont fight without jg YellowBrickRoad: you either help me kill this fucking jinx YellowBrickRoad: or you lose YellowBrickRoad: your choice YellowBrickRoad: like i said sivir YellowBrickRoad: you either help YellowBrickRoad: or you lose YellowBrickRoad: its an ultimatum YellowBrickRoad: if you do anything other than that it doesnt change the outcome YellowBrickRoad: mate ill shut up YellowBrickRoad: when you do what i fucking tell you to YellowBrickRoad: if you dont want to do that YellowBrickRoad: then you ahve to deal with me yelling at you YellowBrickRoad: you YellowBrickRoad: have a choice YellowBrickRoad: and youre choosing wrong YellowBrickRoad: mate i told you ahead of time that ive been in b1 promos 3 fucking times today YellowBrickRoad: you were skating on thin ice before youd even done anything YellowBrickRoad: why play with fire YellowBrickRoad: to be fair, i literally told you "if you do X ill stop" YellowBrickRoad: you couldve stopped all of this about 10 deaths ago YellowBrickRoad: but you chose not to YellowBrickRoad: you chose poorly YellowBrickRoad: mate you can report me 9 times, it still wont win you the match YellowBrickRoad: if you wanted to win YellowBrickRoad: you couldve done the easiest thing in the game YellowBrickRoad: and thats do what youre told YellowBrickRoad: by being arrogant and not wanting to do that YellowBrickRoad: you chose to lose YellowBrickRoad: because i did say thats whats going to happen YellowBrickRoad: and i did mean that YellowBrickRoad: nah i think ill keep going YellowBrickRoad: because im making you angry YellowBrickRoad: which is the point YellowBrickRoad: lux you seem to have not gotten it through your head that this is your own doing. YellowBrickRoad: im the tool, but you are the hand that swung it. YellowBrickRoad: mate YellowBrickRoad: i have a 70% winrate YellowBrickRoad: the reason why i can afford to throw games YellowBrickRoad: when i dont like someone YellowBrickRoad: is because im basically guaranteed to get that lp back YellowBrickRoad: your so toxic yet you cant comprehend why i might want you to lose YellowBrickRoad: thats actually hilarious YellowBrickRoad: i mean if you guys wanted me to try YellowBrickRoad: you probably shouldve started with not pissing me off YellowBrickRoad: always a good first step YellowBrickRoad: just a taste of what this team could have had YellowBrickRoad: but they pissed me off <3 YellowBrickRoad: that and i needed to reset my kill gold YellowBrickRoad: its cute that you think that YellowBrickRoad: mate thats not why im doing this lux YellowBrickRoad: ali outplayed me boo hoo wah wah YellowBrickRoad: the reason im doing this, is because youre a toxic little shit YellowBrickRoad: that doesnt deserve to win YellowBrickRoad: let that sink in buddy YellowBrickRoad: actually you are YellowBrickRoad: im sure the otherteam can attest to that since out of everyone on our team YellowBrickRoad: your the one bitching about me YellowBrickRoad: funny isnt that, as much as you may deny it, everything you do when youre not being acused of being toxic YellowBrickRoad: reeks of being butthurt about me YellowBrickRoad: no problem ryze <3 YellowBrickRoad: i had the same thing happen to me YellowBrickRoad: 3 times today YellowBrickRoad: which i said YellowBrickRoad: at champ select YellowBrickRoad: and you %%%%s YellowBrickRoad: still played with fire YellowBrickRoad: fire burnt YellowBrickRoad: now youre crying about it
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