An OCE Tournament between the Factions of Runeterra!

Inspired by Yasei Doubutsu and their post: **How would you as an OCE community like to take part in a themed tournament event?** There are 12 main factions on Runeterra, and all of them except one, have a full team comp for the current meta. I propose a tournament between them all to see who is the mightiest faction of all. ____________ The factions in question are: **Demacia:** Fiora Galio Garen Jarvan IV Kayle Lucian Lux Quinn Shyvana Sona Vayne Xin Zhao **Noxus:** Darius Draven Katarina Kled LeBlanc Morgana Sion Swain Talon Urgot Vladimir **Bilgewater:** Fizz Gangplank Graves Illoai Miss Fortune Twisted Fate Nautilus Tahm Kench **Shurima:** Azir Nasus Rammus Rek'Sai Renekton Sivir Skarner Taliyah Xerath Ammumu Cassiopeia **Bandle City:** Corki Poppy Rumble Teemo Tristana Gnar Lulu Veigar Kennen **Freljord:** Anivia Ashe Braum Gragas Lissandra Nunu Olaf Sejuani Trundle Tryndamere Udyr Volibear **Ionia:** Ahri Akali Irelia Jhin Karma Kennen Lee Sin Master Yi Shen Varus Syndra Wukong Yasuo Zed **Mount Targon** _(Incomplete team)_: Diana Leona Pantheon Taric Aurelion Sol **Shadow Isles:** Elise Evelynn Hecarim Kalista Karthus Maokai Mordekaiser Thresh Yorick **Piltover:** Caitlin Ezreal Heimerdinger Jayce Orianna Vi Ziggs Jinx **Zaun:** Dr Mundo Ekko Singed Twitch Urgot Viktor Warwick Zac Blitzcrank Janna **The Void:** Cho’Gath Kassadin Kha’Zix Kog’Maw Rek’Sai Vel’Koz Malzahar ____________ **Details:** There would be a team for each faction, and that team can only pick champions from that faction's champion pool. The teams then fight it out in an elimination style tournament, until one team emerges victorious. Some champions such as Poppy or Taric, who belong to two or more factions, will have to for the sake of fairness, be placed into the faction that needs them more _(For example, Demacia already has several tanky champions, while Bandle City is lacking in tanks, so Poppy will have to take the side of Bandle City.)_ Certain exceptions may have to be made, for example: Mount Targon lacks an ADC, but Targon is needed to make an even number of teams, so depending on how the community feels, champions such as Kindred, Bard and Soraka, may be added into Targon's champion pool for the sake of keeping Targon in the competition. _(while those champions aren't Targonian, they are otherworldly beings.)_ **The Purpose of this post:** As of this moment, nothing concrete has been planned, this post is here only to see how much interest the community has in a tournament of this nature. a minimum of 65 participants are needed_ (70, if targon is to be included)_ along with people who might want to help coordinate the tournament. _(as i have no experience with this kinda thing)_ If there is enough interest in this event, we can start talking about the details. Maybe RIOT will even throw in a Triumphant Ryze for the winning factions team? **Requirements (So far):** This is an OCE tournament, but anyone can participate, _(hopefully we see some Rioters in there) _ Only champions from your team's faction can be selected. **Concerns:** The factions aren't fair, Demacia has a far larger and more diverse champion pool than The Void. Players will have to accept that this is a fun tournament and as such may be slightly disadvantaged depending on the faction they are a part of. _________ So if you are interested in the idea of an OCE Runeterra battle-royale to decide the ultimate faction on Runeterra, show it in the Poll below. and if anyone has any ideas/criticisims/wants-to-put-their-hand-up-to-help, lets discuss it below. _Reminder: Nothing as of yet is certain to happen, this is the bare bones of an idea atm._
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