server instability + rage

So i had small lag spikes in my ranked game i just had. And i can only assume the rest of my team did also, as 3 of them were DC for at least 5 minutes each. I can understand, there is a huge playerbase, and its not profitable enough to sink lots of money into decent servers for OCE, but why in situations like this, would there not be a loss prevented, where the other day (my last thread i created) literally no one had any lag or DC issues at all, the other team got their loss prevented, causing me to earn sweet F-all LP for an hour long game. yes before anyone comments, i am F-ING MAD. this game used to be great, i would get about 20 games in a day while working at an internet cafe, they were fun, people were friendly, some of the champions were overpowered but that was fine, it was still fun. Now, i get in 2-3 games a day because either the RIDICULOUSLY MASSIVE number of absolute morons playing the game piss me off, or the game itself fails to hold up to standard.
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