Random Things I Think of When I Play League

* Jhin can execute a **rock** * diana can use **moon** powers during the **day** * nami **breathes** air * hecarim can only buy **1** pair of boots * irelia got her **hairgel** and **shampoo** mixed up * nami can buy boots * bard is a _balloon_ * janna is wearing _lingerie_ for some reason * _fizz is the only champ that doesnt have collisions_ * jarvan is considered a tank * ~~kindred is so bad right now~~ * how does MF even waklk? * can morgana **breathe?** * why is there only one adc ornn item * champs only get nerfed after pro play or 60% winrate * ~~zyra still exists?~~ * lucian and ekko are the only black champs. ~~and they both have skins that change their skin tone.~~ * jinx pulls a giant rocked out of her **ass** * fiora is meant to be the best duelest but if you stand agaisnt a **wall** she **loses**. * how does camille even walk * why is evelynn the only appropraitely dressed female in League * Braum got big** tiddies** * why does kindred talk so much after she dies? * karthus is rewarded for **dying** * if ahri charms a **lady**, do they become a **lesbian**. ~~and does taric turn straight?~~ * ~~why is does teeto's blind have such epic scaling?~~ * Do people even use {{summoner:13}} comment your own! (This is meant to be light hearted take none of this seriously) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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