Teamfight Tactics vsing the same people back-to-back (and/or very frequently)

This was written in the patch notes several patches ago: Then a week later this: It's been 3 weeks since then _(and 2 full patches)_, and I _STILL_ vs the same people 2 or 3 times in a row _(or in a ABABAB pattern)_ even while there are 8 people still on the board. But It's the 'almost never' part that intrigues me most. Because I'm fairly sure the phrases _'almost never'_ and _'multiple times **every game**'_ have different meanings? But, I have been wrong before. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Look, I can understand that code is difficult sometimes, and that's fair enough no one can argue with that! But in the end that excuse only cuts it for so long, because it is actually someone's job _(like an actual job, not like a freelance student 'when I have time' kind of job)_ to fix these sort of things. Especially when the patch notes say _'almost never'_, twice, 3 weeks ago. Snide remarks aside. Asking nicely, I would really like this to stop. Please.

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