I apologise

Im gonna keep this discussion as black and white as possible, and I would like to request to keep the judging to a minimum. Just comments about whether i should not be given ranked rewards next year. I was boosted from silver 1 to gold 5 last season in October, i had always aspired to have adorned the shiny yellow banner. And i my sivir play was always constant, so when i heard she was getting victorious skin i couldn't hold myself back. Even though it was the wrong thing to do. And for a week or so, I did wear the banner and played with the skin. But now my account has been suspended for 2 weeks and my rewards lost. I will not ask for these rewards back, or for my ban to be pardoned. As disappointed as I am that these are gone, i accept that this is what i receive for my wrongdoings. And some unwritten punishments for me is having to leave my ranked team, as they no longer wanted a booster in the team. Having to explain to people that looked up to me that i wasn't my rank legitimately. And something that i haven't brought myself to say to him, my duo partner. I feel extremely guilty that others did not receive the rewards that they deserved because of me, and i feel sorry for everyone that feels cheated because of me. But i will be working towards gold/plat legitimately next year, and having my rewards taken off me then is going a bit too far. Having to deal with the constant judgement is nearly unbearable already, let alone when i can come back on my account. In return for abiding every rule this season, i would like to have my border next year. Or maybe the skin for the champ. I will not ask your forgiveness until i can prove that i can be better than this. Until i can prove to you and myself that i can keep climbing without the need of boosters. And god forbid if i ever go near a booster again. I will not be angry if this plea isn't listened to, just disappointed in myself for having done something so incredibly stupid. Thankyou for reading this hefty paragraph, and once again i am very sorry. L
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