BIG losing streak in ranked!

couple of days without a win, pretty much dropped 2 tiers =( By far this was the biggest losing streak I've ever had, no idea what was going on. Games were going sweet, making some nice points on the ladder, getting some nice wins, then about to hit promos sitting on 94 points. That's when disaster stuck Ava go. I feel my competition has increased in ability, however my team not so much or maybe I just need to stop playing for awhile? There is really brutal and depressing feelings! The feelings were so brutal, i was thinking omg fk it just d/l bot or fk them all just troll and be cancer they deserve it! However I reframed from such actions. Going into a game yesterday, feeling like on the border of having a mental break down, I stated to my team mates "just a warning, it has been about 3 days since i had a win in ranked and i have pretty much dropped 2 tiers", then something that took me by surprise! One of my team members said "that sucks , don't worry about it too much these things happen". As simple as that sounds, it made me feel I was not the only one to go through such trials and i was not the only one who has felt dead inside =D! This did put a whole new feel to things, like my team mates were not stressed about it and still willing to give it a good shot, it ended up being this game was the one to end my monster losing streak, it may have been only 1 of 2 wins i got that day, however it was the team mates response in the first win that pulled me away from becoming a no fks given, pegg u like Vi{{champion:254}} piece of cancer! It made me remember that i was not the only one this happens too! There was more communication and everyone acted like a team! I could not honor them all but must say those guys were pretty cool!

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