Low Priority Queue from Blackout

Honestly, this is absolutely pathetic. Whilst I can appreciate something needs to be done about people who constantly rage quit and afk but getting low priority queue after 2 matches (which I returned and finished) is ridiculous! I had a tiny blackout in my area which forced me to d/c. Rejoin the match and finished it out. A few games later the blackout hit again but I still returned and finished the game. So far that I earned myself a low priority queue for the next 5 games! Are you kidding? I never intentionally leave my games no matter how shit they are and now I'm punished because I left two non consecutive games? What has this game become ugh it really shits me to no end. I think the auto system needs a bit of a tweak and how quickly it hands out punishments for afk players especially if they rejoin and play out the game trying to win. From now on if I get d/c I'm not even going to bother trying to rejoin, I'll simply wait out and return when I feel like it as no matter what I'll be getting a strike from leave buster. GG, nice incentive for people who genuinely get d/c.
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