I don't think Ahri deserves another skin yet

So, since the Star Guardian skins were announced yesterday, many like myself are upset to see that Ahri is receiving a skin. Now, of course the Ahri mains will defend this but this is expected. This is their main. But, Ahri has been receiving way too many skins lately. She has 7 skins once Star Guardian is released but she doesn’t deserve it. Ahri mains will beg to differ but here are my points: 1. “She has a huge player base, and her skins will sell” Really? This is the number one answer that Ahri mains give you if you complain about Ahri skins. Let’s look at another champion that has just as big of a fan base as Ahri. Zed. Zed, as of currently, has a pick rate of 12% as opposed to Ahri’s 8%. Zed came out a little under a year after Ahri but lacks skins. But, he has 4 skins right? Remember, eSport skins do not count to a champ’s skin count and Zed has 2. So Zed, has 2 skins in the past years since he’s been out. And he’s more popular than Ahri. But they have a reason for this and that brings me to my next argument. 2. “She fits into the theme” Excuse me? How the hell does she fit into the theme. I mean, if you may recall, the boards refer to Ahri mains as weebs but they keep stating Ahri is from Korean mythology, which is fine. But, the Star Guardian skin line is based on Anime, which is a Japanese subculture. So, how do you explain Ahri getting the Star Guardian skin? You’re gonna say fox-girls are from anime but Ahri is based on Korean mythology, which isn’t Japanese. The same could be said about Arcade Ahri. Arcade Ezreal was JRPG, Corki was Space invaders, and Ahri was….a quick cash grab. That’s exactly what that skin was for. And why else would Ahri be only part of 3 skin lines and the rest of her skins are solo skins, does this explain anything to you? And those are my arguments against Ahri's new skin. Leave your opinion in the comments below.
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