I'm David "Phreak" Turley, Ask Me Stuff!

G'day, mates! EDIT: Looks like the questions have mostly dried up. Thanks for taking the time to come say hi and/or ask me stuff! Hopefully you guys got something out of my answers <3 Starting at 4pm AEDT, for the next hour or two I'll be here to answer your questions. What types of things should you ask, what types of things will I answer? Well, I'm down for most topics, but I'll toss in a quick biography so you know where I'm coming from. I'm 27. I've been gaming since the go-to operating system was DOS. I've been playing games online since the days of Myth, StarCraft 1, Diablo 1, etc, I remember playing shooters on 300 ping and the first time I got broadband internet i was disappointed that I didn't immediately have < 100 ping everywhere. I've been Shoutcasting or doing commentaries at least since I was 15. Might have done some stuff earlier. But all of it just as a hobby until a few years ago. I've only commentated for a handful of games, though. Mostly Warcraft 3 and League of Legends. I was a semi-pro Warcraft 3 (Night Elf) player. I peaked at #2 outside of Europe/Asia, probably top 20 worldwide. I hit #1 in the League of Legends ladder way back in 2009/2010 as well. I've been Diamond every season (except Season One where the highest was Platinum) in solo queue, and Challenger in Twisted Treeline these past two (and Diamond in Season Two, which was the highest then). I'm an AD Carry main, though I understand a passable amount in the other roles (enough to let myself get carried in solo queue typically). I've been playing League of Legends for over 5 years, since Closed Beta. I've been at Riot almost as long, joining just under 5 years ago (December 2009). The game, the company, and my stardom (I guess?) have grown massively in that time. I also stream semi-regularly (PhreakStream on Twitch) just for the love of it (and you guys). My hours tend to be somewhat Oce-friendly, so come say hi next time you see me on :) I'm the voice and used to be the producer, video editor, script writer, etc. on Champion Spotlights. I'm also a Shoutcaster for the LCS and Challenger Series over in North America. I also had the privilege of casting the Oceanic Regional Finals just a few weeks ago in Melbourne at PAX Australia, which was awesome. Though my travels both personal and professional, I've been to six of the seven continents on Earth (sorry, Antarctica). That mostly sums up my public life. If there's anything you want to know about me, if there's anything you want to know to help yourself, if there's anything you want to know about the experiences I've had, I invite you to ask away (within reason)! I'm posting this 30 minutes early to start collecting questions (and upvotes to the questions you guys want to see answered) so have at it! <3<3<3
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