Current Scam Be Aware!

Just posting to let people know on the OPL youtube current video there's a youtuber spamming to the site [link that involves the words League and gift don't click it] obviously this is another scam, they request your number for a survey and offer the rp as incentive For those too lazy to check validity of these things, read the terms and services... I bring up #7 specifically- 7. Surveys and Offers Usage of code generation may require a user to do an offer or survey selected by a third party advertiser. The selection of offers depends on the users living country. Some of these offers have to do a paid subscription for example the mobile phone PIN submits. The costs are specifed on the homepage of the chosen offer. The exact conditions and terms can be also found at the advertisers website. The user of acknowledges and agrees in fulfilling the offers condition for the incentive offered on our website (Incentive CPA). The user is aware these costs can be recurring. Options to cancel the subscription of mobile offers depend on the offer and country and can vary. The user acknowledges that the on advertised ways to avoid charges might not be valid for the offer they choose as we are only giving an example. Any of our advertising materials implying our incentives to be 'free' 'no charging of money' etc. are examples but do not neccessary guarantee our service to be free if the specific offer says otherwise. In Short, when you're asked to sms / txt your reply "OK" what you're doing is actually giving permission and where possible, direct billing to your phone plan. At 8250 a day max, some idiots are going to be scammed 7 times a week trying to see if it works. They have a live chat, it's just bots scripted as if in conversation with eachother. Be smart, stay safe, don't offer any your mobile number, don't sms "ok" back. For all you know you said yes to $100 billing to your phone plan, and the phone companies honor it and pay these assholes. Then hit you up for your stupidity creating a big whirlwind of "i've been scammed" "no you weren't you said "OK!" etc etc till eventually you probably just fork up the money or as is with LoL and alot of the community, your parents money. Riot will never endorse 3rd party companies giving away FREE rp without being involved in the promotion directly. It's common sense.
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