Ultimate skin for 2016?

Hey guys! So I was playing a game of Ezreal yesterday with my PF skin. Whilst playing, I realised that the last ultimate skin that was released was DJ Sona, which was about early April 2015. I then began to wonder if we will be getting one for 2016, as I presume it is a yearly thing (PF Ezreal in 2013, SG Udyr in 2014 and DJ Sona in 2015). So my question is, will we be getting one this year? It is closing near the end of the year again, and there has been no teasers at all for the champ, theme etc... I personally love the ultimate skins (Own DJ Sona and PF Ezreal) and all the different unique capabilities they each bring to the rift. I was thinking that this years ultimate skin will go to Maokai, until I saw his Victorius skin. Now I have no Idea! What are your thoughts? Who do you think the next ultimate skin will go to? Comment below! Thanks! {{champion:81}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:77}}
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