More about "The Void" and a possible Champion/Character idea. (Rioters please read)

The Void
The Void is a nightmarish dimension said to exist outside space and time, where terrifying living weapons were wrought to win an ancient and long-since ended war. No-one truly understands how the Void came into existence, but tales of its terrible denizens have wormed their way into the dream consciousness of almost every culture's legends, creation myths, and dark folktales.
**_The Void_** It is common knowledge that it is home to many species unknown. For example, {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}} Baron and Rift Herald etc. The best thing about League of Legends is its lore and runes wars (basically the story) and I did my fair share of research about _The Void_. I thought of this when creatures can come out of _The Void_ then why can they not go into it? The answer is simple they can go into it. Do you want proof? Where do you think Rift Herald goes to when baron spawns? It is _The Void_ and read the info in the link it says "None have yet ventured into the Void and lived" meaning someone went into it but they died. So, what if a human goes to _The Void_ willing or he gets trapped unknowingly and he gets corrupted and one day _The Void_ senses that he does not belong there and casts him out or something like that. This can be one of those champions you made story first and design later like {{champion:103}}. "None have yet ventured into the Void and lived, for mortals would almost certainly be consumed and woven into the endless process of creation." And this means no humans can live _The Void_ but it also says "Rivers run with vibrant colors, flowers bloom with incredible perfumes, and living beings experience psychedelic visions and surges in magical power" What if a human or a colossus {{champion:3}} (there is no proof in league lores that Galio is the only colossus made to take in magic, Galio is the only one who came alive, but maybe it is possible that noxians made one too and when it came alive with galio's personallity {good} they cast him out and then he goes to void this can be 2nd colossus champion and 1st colossus who was "born" in runeterra went to _The Void_ and came back) with immense magic were to go inside the void, their magic would be so immense that they could live in _The Void_ but as I said it still corrupts them and due to the "visions" shown to him/her by _The Void_ she wanders runeterra trying to accomplish her mission. Sorry if the matter is confusing I reviewed and edited it a ton of times so it is a mess but I think you will be able to understand it. I have one more suggestion for Riot, now that you have added emotes to League of Legends why don't you make it that we can use it in boards like the stickers. Have a nice day. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:galio-happy}}

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