Champion personalities.

Every champion seems to attract their own player personalities, ill name a few that i notice, and you guys just add to the list (or dispute any) ADC: {{champion:22}} - Either the most toxic player you will ever find, yells at everyone for everything even if her team is winning, OR a really nice quiet person that hardly says a word the entire game except for little "<3's" and "ty's" {{champion:81}} - Bossy as, never accepts that anything they do is wrong and feel the need to instruct everyone on what to do and how to play. {{champion:67}} - "lol im vayne, gg, what you going to do about it!" attitude, they always think they can 1v5 (although often they actually can...) and are the first to laugh in all chat when something goes their way. 'Noob' is a common word used by vayne's. {{champion:18}} - A player of few words, but when she does speak its usually about tactics and is generally polite compared to other players. Mid: {{champion:238}} - If they make any sort of play whatsoever, even if it wasn't a terribly good one, they compulsively need to express themselves in all chat, but when they make a mistake and die there will always be an exclamation like "LOL!" or "HAHAHAHAHA" as derogatory statements, averting blame from themselves, even though they are crying inside. {{champion:157}} - The cockiest players on the team, they know that a team comp revolves around them and it goes to their heads, but give surprisingly little blame to their teammates when something goes wrong. But on the rare occasion they aren't like that, they are often nice people who start conversations about anime or other tv shows, often say 'WP dude' and 'GG' at the appropriate times. Neither type of Yasuo usually taunts the enemy team unlike Zed's and Vayne's despite often being more cocky than them. {{champion:7}} - one of leagues biggest whiners, unless really far ahead (which is often) they will moan every time they die (which is fair enough because with 2 escapes, a snare, invisibility and a clone, it is a very sad day indeed when they somehow manage to die.) every time a tower or drag is taken they will whine about it, but they often have the best focus of the team and always participate in team fights, they almost always come to your aid if you're in trouble or to bank your lane. {{champion:63}} - Brand's will not talk very much and hardly ever speak in all chat even when insulted by the enemy team, but they often go off on their own and don't listen to the team, often cocky at the beginning of games, but gets easily frustrated if things don't go their way. Support: {{champion:267}} - Nami's are either the biggest asset to a team, they call good shots are the nicest people alive and manage to keep their adc alive at all costs and go scores like 3/6/29, OR are legitimately THE biggest whiner in the team (even more so than LB) every death of a team mate, even when unavoidable and just unlucky is received with paragraphs disappointment and whining, always feels the need to tell the enemy team how annoyed she is with her team, and usually doesn't do very well at all. {{champion:89}} - Good team captains, often make good calls for their team and help anyone in need, but always feel the need to 1v5 the enemy team whenever possible and never learn that they arent THAAAAT tanky. There is the small possibility of the complete reverse however, they hardly say anything unless its to tell someone how much they suck and never listen to the team or give any helpful advice, always go off on their own, but still feel the need to 1v5 the enemy team. {{champion:12}} - They like Zed's will often comment "LOL" or "HAHAHAHA" whenever they make a mistake, often make cocky references in all chat, usually are pretty shallow people (at least in game chat) cocky in victory and blaming in defeat. But one of the best players for teamwork out there, they set up ALLLLLL the plays. they also share another trait with Zed, they always spam their taunt/joke a llll the time, just like Zed spams his laugh. {{champion:40}} - The loudest mouth in league, not necessarily toxic or abusive but just always talking in all chat even when completely not necessary, always critiquing everyones moves, any kill that the adc got they assume it was only got cos of them, and any target that gets away from the adc is always the adc's fault, but unlike a lot of other supports they always stick with the adc. Top: {{champion:75}} - "what is this 'team' you speak of" is the typical attitude when it comes to nasus, the team doesn't exist at all for them until the end of game for something to blame. They couldn't care less if they win or lose, just as long as they set a new record for stacks. they make very few remarks and the ones they do make never include 'gj' 'gg' 'wp' or any other positive re-enforcemnt. But they play smart (well.. as smart as AFK farming can be.) take lots of turrets, kill lots of champs, they only ever taunt someone when provoked, and otherwise wont say anything. {{champion:80}} - "DW guys I'm invisible.... oops." they forever overestimate their tankiness and damage. but are awesome team players, they hardly ever insult their team, and any insults they make to the enemy are often jokey and humours for everyone. {{champion:23}} - Cocky, but not as cocky as some aforementioned players, they show surprising strategic ability for someone playing such a brain-dead champ, although their strategy never EVER involves team fighting, every time there is a team fight, trynd is off hacking down some turret or farming. he will come in only after the fight, just to show everyone that he doesn't know that his ult doesn't last forever. {{champion:17}} - Always will pick teemo at the worst possible times, the enemy team has 3 tanks and teemo's team has none, teemo is last pick and will STILL pick teemo. its 50/50 as to if teemo will rape his lane completely and make his laner afk, or will get completely destroyed and die 3 times within the first 5 mins. Teemos are usually never cocky (except win in champ select) and usually observe strict radio silence for the majority of the game. But fear not! they will always turn up just in time to steal your kill. Jungle: {{champion:64}} - The main thought of ALL lee players everywhere is "its just unlucky that i wasn't picked for SKT T1 this year, next year ill be in for sure." they all think that they make all the plays in the team (and don't realise that their fantastic lee plays are exactly the same plays that every other lee does as well) they always tell you that they will bank but always get distracted by farm as soon as you engage your lane opponent, then after they got a few of the small raptors they will come in, turret dive your opponent, die instantly and blame you. Lee players are generally talkative, often talk about e-sports and the lol championships, and cant resist using that 2nd Q even if it'll mean certain death. {{champion:77}} - Often very objective based players (when not AFK farming the enemy jungle) they know exactly the limits of their champ and will pull out of a fight they cant win with 1 hp left every time and escape perfectly. when they are toxic they arent as badly posionus as other players but their rational thinking does turn off and 1v5's are imminent. Any taunt given to them by the enemy team will be received with a chuckle and smart retort. {{champion:5}} - XIn players unlike Udyr ones never know the limits of their champ, tanky xin's think they have vayne damage, and damage xin's think they are as tanky as rammus, and it never ends well. they will never gank until you are dead and then come in to clean up. They give al the advice to the team but never follow it themselves. They'll say 'teamfight' but be in the jungle farming when the teamfight actually happens. {{champion:104}} - They don't realise that graves jungle is never a good choice, especially when theres a vayne top with another ADC bot and no tanks, think that graves jung is some insta-win button, but don't realise that tactically they lose so much of the teams utility. Graves jungle players have a thick skin and dont get irritated by enemy taunts, but will get frustrated quickly, and not realise that as graves jung, theres not a lot they can actually do about it. Those are just a few i have noticed, comment with some stereotypes you have noticed or any disputes you have with these ones.
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