Why playing top lane is not worthed.

1. I think top lane is the least rewarding and the most useless position in league at the moment. Even tho this position demands players to master various champions and learn hell lot of matchups (I think more than 50 champs ate viable to be used in top lane depends on matchups), players dont get rewarded enough for their mastering the lane at current stage of league. Firstly, the game itself depends too much on bot lane. It is really unenjoyable to play and feel so powerless when bot lane fails. Whoever stonmped bot lane going to give their team so much advantage in terms of gold and objectives. I tried to tp so many times sacrificing my lead , but it is really impossible to do anythin when our bot duo is worse than the enemies. I dont know why I have to watch bot lanr all the time and forced to save tp to prevent my bot duo from shitting on each other. Secondly, it is way too depedent on junglers presence. It would be applicable to all other lanes. But no lane is affected to such an extent by one time presence of a jungler in lane. Many times you cannot farm (it is worse when you play melee champ), because enemy jungler is top and urs is wandering around rift not doing anything useful. Really cant do much and too ezy to lose your lead if your jungler dose not want to pay a visit. Thirdly, it is because supporters have been empowered , while carry or teamfight champions in top lane have been nerded way too much. Supporters can generate gold from items and they have much more impact in game in comparison to the past due to item such as ardent sensor and redemption. On the other hand, all the powerful champs in top lane such as maoki, jayce, gp had been nerfed to a sake of balance in match ups. Even tp had been nerfed to a sake of balance of summnor spell. This gives less opportunity for top laners to show impact in mid game and early game , and thereby having a such minimal impact on game itself. Riot really needs to fix this because no other lane in league can take a free ride just by farming under tower for 25 min and doing nothing for the team. And no one is deserved to get punished so hard for having a bad bot duo even after winning a lane and took all the possible methods to help out teams while opponent did literally nothing. Fix this please.
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