Very Unfair 2 Week Ban, Revoke??

So I recently completed my 25 game chat ban, no problem, I played literally only 2 games (filled with flamers and feeders) after that and was given a 2 week ban! I would like to know if this can get revoked as I feel it's very unfair!! Game 1 Caspeer: Report teemo Caspeer: Troll pick Caspeer: I am calm lol? Caspeer: Doesn't mean troll pick support Caspeer: Teemo so bad, muted and reported Caspeer: afk Caspeer: kill teemo idc Caspeer: report teemo Caspeer: stealking cs Caspeer: He is so bad Caspeer: kill tememo Caspeer: kill teemo you noobs Caspeer: stop it Caspeer: dont come to lane Caspeer: fuck off Caspeer: afk Caspeer: He is shoving lane Caspeer: taking cs Caspeer: on purpose Caspeer: not kiting Caspeer: im afk ^- I can understand why I got reported, due to saying I would afk so many times, although I never did! But I don't understand why I got banned, I swore once, but when you have a teemo support, who uses his blind to steal cs and lets the enemy run past him to kill me, what can you expect? And plus, isn't that what the chat filter is for? Game 2 Caspeer: fuck sorry malph Caspeer: my bad Caspeer: stop attacking the minions ffs Caspeer: im so fucking pissed off i asked you to stop attacking the minions ages ago, ive missed so much cs because i can't calc the dmg Caspeer: and you ignore me Caspeer: I don't care, not a single gank, soraka keeps ignoring me fucking up my cs Caspeer: You can talk quinn, enjoy chat ban when i report you Caspeer: Talking trash in all chat Caspeer: Reported for giving up and flaming quinn, enjoy chat ban ^- How is any of this justifiable for a 2 week ban??? I asked soraka to stop taking cs, she ignored me, asked her again because it was making it hard for me to cs properly, then the top laner starts flaming me in all chat, towards the enemy team, yet none of that chat log is showed! Can someone please explain to me how either of these chat logs is a reason for a 2 week ban? Especially since I was given the ban one game after I finished my chat ban! How is that a fair amount of time to fix my behaviour (Although tbh my behaviour in both of these games is nothing compared to how the other players on my team acted. Why do riot employees view game chat logs like this? Reading one side at a time is very unfair, If I was able to post the other players chat log I'm sure I would get unbanned instantly. I may just be complaining/annoyed that I got banned, and I'm not saying I don't deserve it, but at the same time I think there should be a better reason then these 2 chat logs!! Feel free to put me in my place if you think these chat logs are worthy of a 2 week ban! Someone from Riot please respond and explain to me how this is justifiable!!
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