Gold elo players losing games on purpose so they can lower their mmr on OCE server

Hey riot So today I qued up with a duo by the duo of champ and champ the OCE servers. Our team was winning and then being fed champ decided to stay in base and dance. I asked him what the problem was and he said he wanted to derank and lower his mmr. If you look at his match history he was gold last season and is sitting at high bronze to low silver. He has an about 15 percent wr on champ yet he gets fed every game because his duo ganks him and takes kills then he throws by dancing and holding fellow team aged hostage by making them ff. I thought this was a one time thing but then I looked at match history and their was an evident pattern of throwing and intentionally losing. Could you please take a deeper look into this riot? It would be really appreciated. Running someone else's climb because you want a lower rank is not okay 1. Thanks :(
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