Toicx people

Have you ever just wanted to play your last game of the day ? And then you see a random person auto lock a role and u think to yourself with is going to be a long game .well I had that just happend to me ,I had just fished a game and I wanted to play one last one , I was going to go jungle I called it I think I was the last one to join so I couldn't tell wether or not this person called it but there was a {{champion:80}} that had auto locked the role of jungle , now I wasn't sure if I had really gotten it so I just went supp , were in the game I get my items and start landing faze with my adc ( to note I had locked in at Champ select ,thinking I had jungle and I didn't so I played {{champion:77}} ) well {{champion:80}} had just token his blue and finished his top side jungle and he got to tank to they didn't have a jungler so it was a 2v1 top and he died while trying to tank and so he resawned and went top again his bot side jungle was all up the top later side to him go bot he didn't listen so he continued to tank top about 3 to 4 time and failed every time so our top leaner got so every mad he left the game , you can't blam him this jungler made him leave by feeding his lane opponents so the game goes on and the {{champion:80}} started talking so much trash the and so I asked our team and the enemy team to report him for being toicx and once I messaged that he went ape angry he would stop typing I didn't want to respond but my anger got the better of me , and so we continue to spit negative words at each other but every time he said something negative he would use the bites word he could think of . Him self and myself continued to say negative things until the game ended once we were our he said more negative things and I stated ' if you keep saying such shit why would u play the game ' and he left so I asked every one to report him , I hope people like this don't stay free to play games a 20 to 1 hour Queue wait is not good enough I'll leave his summoner name below I hope he gets banned and if I do to I just hope he receives the same amount of punishment I would get Summoner name : [REMOVED] Thank you for reading this I hope you have better future games without people like 666AGe around
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