Low Level Players

Greetings, this is a part of the game which I've never encountered myself until I began levelling a fresh account and started playing some normal blind pick matches to level up my account. In these normal blind pick matches ( keep in mind these are around level 5-10 ) I'd had encountered numerous players who were displaying a high level of toxicity for no reason what so ever. Out of 10 matches I'd played 7 of those matches had at least 2 players arguing over minor mistakes for 3/4 of the game. These players often seemed extremely delusion and their ego was extremely inflated. When others decided to ask what rank the one being toxic was they'd often say unranked or low bronze and in one case a player said he was Masters in Korea, which was just blatantly stupid. This seemed like a joke but, after some realisation it all seemed to link. Low rank, often blaming others and are completely oblivious of their own mistakes and can never accept failure. These players really concern me as this may be a reason why a new players coming into the game may never want to play after encountering these players. I understand that League of Legends community is somewhat toxic but this shall be no excuse for such poor behaviour towards others at such a low level. This honestly appalled me, but I was curious has anyone else encountered other players like this at low levels? Have a good day, Nerf Jg {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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