How did I get banned?

Hello, so I played a game and I got banned when there were two people who were much more toxic than me, but they did not get anything. Can you please explain why did I get banned and not them? When they were constantly pinging me and using words like c***, I did not talk back or use any words like that. In fact, they were initing during the game. Too bad I can not see the chat history when I go back and watch the video, but their names are: [REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](] and; [REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](] This incident makes me wonder what is actually in your system to judge whether a player has been verbal abusing. As far as I am concerned there is no justice here. Game 1 Pre-Game Triceratop: SUP In-Game Triceratop: i like bibibap Triceratop: do you know what is bibibap Triceratop: its korean food Triceratop: relax bro Triceratop: hahahaha Triceratop: are you duo? Triceratop: what are you gonna do about it Triceratop: bros Triceratop: what you gonna do Triceratop: your bot lane's too good Triceratop: that's why he's roaming Triceratop: where's the ping? Triceratop: they got slain Triceratop: im reminding you Triceratop: how to ping Triceratop: is mid your dad? Triceratop: looks like it Triceratop: same here Triceratop: so shut up Triceratop: dont tell me how to play the game Triceratop: when you got solo killed Triceratop: i kill them just like i nail you %%%%% Triceratop: mid and jg abusing us Triceratop: yea, whatever man Triceratop: be as salty as you like Triceratop: as if i'd care... Triceratop: LOL Triceratop: what is that all about Triceratop: do you know how to play a game without typing Triceratop: sorry you biscuits Triceratop: doing betta than ya Triceratop: why so many stars? Triceratop: why so upset ? Triceratop: why so salty Triceratop: why so toxic Triceratop: why so mad Triceratop: someone's so upset Triceratop: stop feeding Triceratop: gg Triceratop: someone's 5-0 Triceratop: someone fed him Triceratop: someone's 3-1 Triceratop: someone else fed him Triceratop: you can stop with your caps cause no one would listen Triceratop: you not worth it Triceratop: you can die Triceratop: who are you to tell me what to do? Triceratop: why dont you go afk Triceratop: you are 6-7 Triceratop: im 5-2-1 Triceratop: 13 Triceratop: you are of no use. Triceratop: and with all your swearing, blaming and flaming Triceratop: you are the one who should go afk Triceratop: if we didnt have this bot lane we have lost the game Triceratop: that's why you need to mind your own business Triceratop: yea, too bad Triceratop: he leaves fast Triceratop: deal with it Triceratop: such is life Triceratop: dont be a kid Triceratop: a "normal" bot lane Triceratop: you got solo killed anyway Triceratop: so Triceratop: why talk so much Triceratop: we can ff now, if you dont want to play the game Triceratop: might as well Triceratop: someone's 3-12.. Triceratop: LOL Triceratop: 3-12,-2 Triceratop: 3-12-2 Triceratop: shocking Triceratop: keep pinging me Triceratop: ping me more Triceratop: the more you spam Post-Game Triceratop: ok Triceratop: i will Triceratop: sure thing Triceratop: i will do Triceratop: at your service Triceratop: why Triceratop: this is what you get for spaming Triceratop: hehe
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