Unban. 11/6/2017

As a young immature teenager. Would expect non the less from myself to be toxic even after the 14 - day warning. Moving forward from it considering it has been over 2 years now i believe that as a person i have changed. In terms of what happened on that day and how i got banned i do admit the best way looking back at it now would have been to just /mute all and just accepted it. However i would like to appeal for an unban on my account as i do think that over the course of two years i have developed to become a much better person. In terms of how i see and do things and the things that i say have a significance in relation to other players in the game. I would be considered as a "reformed" player in my opinion. I do feel quite embarrassed to post it publicly as the things said i find quite horrible and is no way acceptable to say under any circumstances. I do apologies for what you read. Game 1 In-Game Choopi: smite jg? Choopi: bit late bro Choopi: both of you are shit stfu Choopi: nice hin Choopi: can u fuck off? Choopi: bronze 5 hard stuck trash bag Choopi: makes sens Choopi: mnad? Choopi: mad? Choopi: so close Choopi: xD Choopi: i feel bad for you bro Choopi: having to deal with a toxic/bad sup ;P Choopi: Ggwp report sona thanks :D Choopi: full int mode engaged Choopi: why do you play if you troll? Choopi: or maybe you dont play and your bad Choopi: same thing right Choopi: love how people play norms just to troll becuase bots are to hard for them unlucky xD Choopi: AHHAA Choopi: 2v5? Choopi: NICe Choopi: fuck up sona Choopi: 10 ping still play like shit Choopi: what a waste Choopi: waste of time Choopi: cusss Choopi: why Choopi: just vote yes jihn Choopi: waste Choopi: of Choopi: time Choopi: wait do you do damage? Choopi: hahaha Choopi: wp Choopi: can u guys end Choopi: we wasting time 20 ban que and these guys think we can win :((((( Choopi: plox end Choopi: *red Choopi: how did u die again jhin? Choopi: lol Choopi: please Choopi: please Choopi: why Choopi: asfihwdsfgasor hg Choopi: lucian whyyy Choopi: gg Choopi: imma go make food Choopi: im mmaking food you idiot Choopi: yeah report jayce afk Choopi: im afk Choopi: im afk Choopi: i can Choopi: but i dont want to Choopi: i want the game to end Choopi: its a waste Choopi: like sona said its "Just a norm" Choopi: so why we trying to harD? Choopi: oh im beyound that point i honest dont care anymore Choopi: good bye my lover Choopi: ggwp Choopi: you have already fed Choopi: ll Choopi: Gwp Choopi: ez

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