I know it's preseason but still

Since about mid season, this game has been the most toxic game I have encountered. AFK's, ints and people who just mechanically play to disrupt games. I know it is now pre-season, and it it gets out of control. I am borderline ready to quit league. I thought the changes this year were awesome, But most of the games I have played on the second half of the season, have been a very negative experience. On top of that I get chat banned, for one game I got toxic (no form of discrimination), I put in a ticket about it they replied with 'Consistent negative behavior' is why I was banned, they also stated that it was from one game as well. Yet game after game right now, i'm in games where people are being racist, telling people to commit suicide and how they should do it and then there the people mechanically in game just doing stuff that ruins the game. Why do I feel that league just do not care. I came from DotA, and it felt like they were always trying to improve their penalty system, playing league, over the few years that I have played this game, it has just been getting more toxic. Yeah I am low elo, but I am also vision impaired, I might not be able to see the mini map properly, But I still won't go out my way to ruin someone else's experience because they didn't ping missing

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