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duuude. i've had enough of tilting my face off every single game. Its not fun, it makes league not fun and i know it makes the game an absolute sh*t game for everyone else in the lobby. I don't like to lose and i know i need to learn how to lose, because i can't continue playing like this. I have not received any punishments due to my tiltedness in games as of yet but god do i deserve one or do i deserve one. I'm really not trying to be a smart alec here, how do you not tilt? How do you emotionally detach yourself from a game so that you don't give a sh*t about the outcome or whether your team is good or bad because it's really something i can't do and it just makes me even more tilted. I know of the reasons i get tilted is because as soon as i start playing bad, oh guess what, this one's going on your match history... have fun explaining that to people. I'm not sure how to put it into words but i hate getting tilted, i hate it, i don't like getting angry at myself or my team. Basically i want some advice. How do yall not tilt your faces off? How do you keep your emotions in check? Thanks for reading :/
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