14 Days suspension just for this? What happened to chat restriction?

TrollSwagDard: you are so fucking dead ezreal TrollSwagDard: i swear to god TrollSwagDard: cheesed me level 1 last game TrollSwagDard: ? TrollSwagDard: how TrollSwagDard: im you, but a bit better TrollSwagDard: *sips V* TrollSwagDard: SORRY TrollSwagDard: ez TrollSwagDard: i have more farm TrollSwagDard: ur bad xD TrollSwagDard: why TrollSwagDard: because you dont know how to play safe TrollSwagDard: or ask for a gank TrollSwagDard: wait TrollSwagDard: i just bmed lol TrollSwagDard: shut up %%%got TrollSwagDard: %%%got TrollSwagDard: getting a teemo to camp me doesnt make you better poofta This is what i was reported for. It's not the worst but its decent enough to get reported. But the game before this me and the same guy who reported me where taking shots at each other without harm. He even flamed me and i didn't report back because i thought we were just on good terms having fun. Is this really 14 days ban worthy? Do they even read both chats or just the person getting reported? I also feel as if chat restriction works better than this. You can still play, still communicate, while trying to contain on your flame (in this case not flame just having fun but he reported idk why when it went on for 2 games) IS there no more 3 strikes rule, just straight to 14 days suspension. And what about the trolls i report. I never get the pop up message saying that they've been banned anymore. I see more people getting banned for fake flaming instead of trolling. He knew we were just taking shots so I don't see why he reported me. Clearly I can't prove this but if you read his chat logs we were saying XD and ez, question marking each time we killed each other, just for fun. I don't think this 14 day suspension is worth. even if their is foul language, it was just for fun and he was well aware. Each part of the flame I can explain, So the first part was an AD on tv which is clearly a joke. The guy says hes better then sips an energy drink. The next part I clearly said "I just bmed lol" stating it was a joke and the team knew that, it wasn't even in all chat, just to my team. And the last part the guy kept saying he was gay and said say that one more time as if he was egging me on to say it so I wen't along with it thinking it was a joke. Then finally he said he was way better than me and I said etc etc while he flamed spamming ez.
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