Account suspended and skins returned

Hi Folks, So I recovered my account after it was being accessed by somebody else, they had bought a bucket load of skins on my account at some point with their own money, and displayed bad behaviour in-game which gave my account a 14 day suspension 5 days prior to me opening a ticket to get my account recovered. **I had no knowledge of my account being accessed due to zero email notifications from Riot, not even a single email regarding the bad behaviour, yet they in the end blamed me for the security being my responsibility.** Riot acknowledged in my ticket that my account had been compromised but refused to reverse the suspension, they couldn't give me a consistent answer to who was at fault. After the suspension expired I logged back onto my account, all the skins were removed as Riot had restored my account to it's original state, **If they restored my account to what it was prior to being accessed by someone else, why did I not get the suspension removed!!!!!!!!.......... **
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