Why is being toxic so bad?

Now i know this is going to bring a few cliche responses like "Get good" "Being toxic is bad and you should feel bad" or "People have bad games get over it" and let it be clear im not the best at this game im silver 1 and iv been stuck here awhile this season, im improving slowly but surely id say. I try usually to not be a toxic player i used to never be that way but lately im just feeling its becoming harder and harder not too. Now when i get toxic i dont mean afk or ignore my team and afk farm my lane all i do is just flame the player that is doing bad. Now why is that so bad? When i see our top laner give 3 kills up top and tell him to play safe or give him any other advice and just get ignored or when they ignore advice in general why should they not get flamed. When our mid feeds and is the sole reason why we are losing the game why isnt it a justification to be flamed. I know that a game sometimes isnt won or lost on a single player being garbage but sometimes it is and i also know that to win games you cant just always blame others and that you have to be the play maker to win games but thats just not possible all the time. I mean if being flamed is such a problem why dont people use the mute button ? its easy and a quick fix. I mean were not bloody children no one cant take some damn criticism? Iv never been banned at all or received any punishment. Im sort of rambling currently but my final message is why is flaming worse than flaming the person that lost you the game?
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