Toxicity running rampant. "Blocking" a player needs to mean something.

I don't know what happened today, but all my games this morning have been disgustingly toxic. From the get-go. I'm in high silver and climbing at the moment, so it's expected. But not like this. I have had games today out of no where, where one person will just throw from champ select and I don't understand why. For example: I just played a game with a toxic summoner. I soft picked poppy support as I've been having a good run on it lately, into a dash heavy enemy line-up. He instantly starts flaming me for being a horrible person/player. Now normally, I would simply mute and go on with my game. But the level these people go to to intentionally feed for 20 minutes? I do not understand it. So after the game. x9 report, mute, block. Move on. But I Q up again and get the same person in my game? This is unacceptable. I shouldn't have to sacrifice so much of my time and MMR simply because another person decides they don't like me, or decides they want to ruin the game for everyone. "BLOCK" summoner needs to actually do something. As a side note. The second champ select I got into with this fellow, 3 of my other team mates also decided to just start ranting about int'ing after their pick was banned by the enemy. Which happened in another champ select earlier today. What is wrong with people who play this game. It's appalling. I recognise most of this is just a rant and this stuff happens to everyone. But my point is it shouldn't have to. We need changes to this game that doesn't ruin other peoples fun just because one person decides they can. Thanks for listening.
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