3rd 2 week suspension, question for riot

After multiple chat restrictions and 2 week suspension now on my 3rd. its obvious my account isn't going to get perma banned because i guess riot doesn't find me toxic enough, however i get reported alot and except it. i don't sugar coat it, i ask what rank people are after they seem to have trouble using summoners, i call out trolls and people that grief ( never abuse them), and ask others to not abuse me. that is enough for the game to spiral into a toxic mess. My question is out of the 3 games in my player behavior feedback report why aren't all the games im reported in come on there. the last 2 games that i played i know i got reported and the players in those games got a notification saying the player they have reported got punished (me) however those games don't come up on the report card for my behavior its showing games like week ago i think. Also if a rioter wants to post all my games in this thread that i go reported in pls go ahead.
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