A copy paste from a support ticket that was recommended to be posted here, excuse the length of said correspondence but I'm sure we can all appreciate that TL:DR's are only for people with short attention span and I'd think we can all agree that we deal enough of those fools in game so encouraging them here is probably not the most intelligent course of action available to us. The speaker does of course apologise to all those suffering from I'm a stupid baby and has a comforting shoulder to harden up on with that refreshing glass of mulled cement always at an arms reach. There's stronger stuff of course, but babies might not be able to handle that and the management has strict protocols in place so apologies for there being only one choice but really, just harden the >>honkbeep<< up and if it's too long give us all a good synopsis because lord knows the speaker doesn't think it's all that possible to do so without being a >>honkbeep<< piece of >>honkhonk<< that no one's going to want to read because it's likely to be a piece of watered down >>honkhonk<<. The speaker is of course completely open to being shown to have being incorrect. Hey, thanks for replying personally to my last ticket and sorry I've only got round to replying now, albeit through a new ticket which I'm dubious will get through the Blitzcrank Bot without some seriously ridiculous story illustrating the roller-coaster of emotions we're all going through and I'm just not sure I'm up for the endeavour. It's a good thing for us all that The Macho Man Randy Savage is an outrageously straight shooter and has the serious ridiculously well in hand because clearly these are serious times Sir and no time to be flippant. So here's Savage with a few words to let you know how just how critical this whole situation really is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQUW8A0hWPU and I'll do my best to address two points NEVERLASTINGDTH raised in the reply to the previous ticket that logically do not make sense. 1) Regarding disconnecting and causing a remake --- "I'm afraid that it's not possible to make it so that the system doesn't punish you if you are encountering connection issues and get disconnected, as this system would be heavily abused. It's very simple to fake a connection issues or disconnects so we wouldn't be able to tell apart players who are abusing the system from those who are actually encountering technical difficulties. : (..." I appreciate the explanation above and I did not at first question this as truly it was awfully nice to be talking to someone where usually there is only a brick wall, and in most cases I'm sure it's a justified "kindly leave us alone sir and cease the irrational and/or dishonest attempts of explanations/apologies", which of course I fully respect as I'd suspect the vast majority of support ticket cases fall somewhere along that spectrum so I do appreciate the difficulties faced by the support team so please don't think I'm attempting to be belligerent... In the specific case of a DC remake though the syllogism is faulty and it is in no way logical for leave-buster to penalise a player in such an occurrence. Penalise the player sure, no question, but penalise in a logical fashion and treat the incident as if the player had dodged is I think the most logical and hassle free way to both penalise and to save any large amounts of extra work for the coding team. There is no logical reason why a player would disconnect on loading screen when a player could just dodge instead, ergo by simply adding "being the cause of a remake" to the daily dodge LP/time penalty there would then be nothing whatsoever for a player to heavily abuse... Disconnecting mid-game and not coming back though? Yes the previous syllogism is completely logical and the minor premise aligns with the major premise and justifies the conclusion. Which brings me to the second point though of >>> 2) Disconnecting and getting back into the game as fast as a player possibly can, which is often a case of 3-10ish minutes usually and closer to 4-5 minutes on average according to my napkin observations of the struggles of others as well as myself. It's pretty rough being possibly dealt a massive penalty intended for toxic drama queens who are quite intentionally going out of their way to let everyone know they just want to go outside. Which is of course rather odd behavior but that's what the AFK/DC penalties are for in the first place, and it's great to know that even if one is a stupid baby you guys at RiTo really do care and are always reading between the lines for the benefit of us all... Anyhu's, such a situation as in (2) is surely impossible to reliably be accurate through the use of 3rd party programs alone outside of a draconian one size fits all that I do not doubt fits most, so I can understand the reluctance to depart from a previous system that functions. Unfortunately this system is not as effective as it could be and does not take into account those outlying situations discussed in the above paragraph and I'd be surprised if others did not have the exact same observations. I could of course be wrong and I realise this second point falls into the territory of subjective, but possibly an easy fix would be to have the players who manages to get back into a game and continue to be useful team members (as opposed to someone merely reconnecting and entering combat to avoid the afk flag for example) to have a 'phantom flag' or some other such which only becomes an AFK flag if (team) members of that game actively report the player after the game for being AFK... I think that'd be a reasonable solution and once again is not open to abuse, from my limited perspective though of course and I realise this second may be more taxing as it brings in a subjective element (i.e after game report cards) which are derived from factors of dubious and unreliable candour. I was suffering gnarly lag like clockwork between the 7-10 minute mark for about 1 minute or so and then no lag at all every single game without fail which thankfully has been resolved and I was mostly interested in running those tests with regard to getting to the bottom of that issue, but clearly it may be best for myself to still run those tests so i'll send them in soon. Thanks Jethro ILENDMYAID February 15th 2019, 9:43:33 am Hey, Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback, pffff, I feel really bad right now since you've obviously put some work into it...unfortunately we (the player support team) not only are unable to change any aspects of the game, but are also unable to pass your feedback to our devs or any other team who might be in charge with working on and improving these features. :( Indeed, I agree with most of the things you've said. I am one of those players who sometimes suffer the consequences of playing on an old Laptop, using Wi-fi so I know how frustrating it is to get disconnected from a match you obviously wanted to play, enjoy, and win and, in addition to that, to get penalized. Sadly, the only thing I can do right now id advise you to post this on the boards. Our teams are always looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved. You can find the Boards here: https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us and please don't hesitate to contact us again if ever in need! <3 Kindest regards, Ilendmyaid Player Support Specialist "Every step; a new journey."
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