Perma banned? for saying this? Are you kidding me

this is totally bulls**t, perma banned for saying this.. Game 1 In-Game MrFancyPantz: nvm MrFancyPantz: so is 4 on 1 MrFancyPantz: cough bot lane MrFancyPantz: god dam why do i get the bad akalis MrFancyPantz: Its not the fact you havent played before, its the fact that these idiots dont even know how to play a normal MrFancyPantz: wards, team fights, laning jesus christ just suck me off and put a bullet in my brain MrFancyPantz: play better MrFancyPantz: not hrad MrFancyPantz: okay then MrFancyPantz: laters MrFancyPantz: facebook and youtube time MrFancyPantz: reporting team for making this game boring Post-Game MrFancyPantz: report for feeding lol fuck me quit the game pedo The game was so one sided, it was going bad, the other guys didnt care, insults were on both sides. A few hours or a day ban I can "somewhat" agree with even though I still wont think it was deserved. YET I get the perma ban?.... What is this horse Sh**, have riot and sjw players gone insane? All the money gone into this account and this is how riot sees it, yep great thanks guys appreciate it.
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