"But there isn't a problem"

This will probably be the final nail in the coffin, but worth it. Using, from at the time of this post, my current standings with the teams. Leo; Had a WW that didn't know how to ulti, who also intentionally fed all game. Trollpick Talon. But there's no troll problem right? Naut; Had a int feeding Nidalee. Troll builing jungler. And an Ez that made it hard on the jungler intentionally. But there's no troll problem right? Amumu; Had a Yasuo who refused to help when I ganked, waited till I died to do something, AND would go in low knowing he would die. A Malz that intentionally took my camps to put me behind. A Raka, who was probs one of the best players i've had all fortnight, waste her heals on me (and these heals wouldn't recover much of my health since I had so much) But there's no troll problem right? Naut; Intentionally feeding Yorick, Vi, Tristana. Semi (more like 3/4s of the game) afk Oriana, who also fed. But there's no troll problem right? Janna; (I really can't complain since the patch also completely ruined my runes/masteries. As in complete spec change ruin) Intentionally feeding Galio and Warwick. Trollbuilding Ezreal. But there's no troll problem right? Morgana; Abusive as all hell Mundo because I constantly had all enemies chase me constantly ALL mid to late game. Abusive as hell Talon because I spend the game warding. But there's no toxicity in League right? Naut; Legit, don't even remember this game, I was half gone. Garen; Team threw because tank Garen is wrong. We had no tank otherwise. They ALL went out alone, and got picked off. Refused to ward saying it's solely supports job. (Protip; its not. get your heads out people) But there's no problem in throwing right? Chogath; Intentionally feeding/trolling Evelynn. IM A STRONG INDEPENDANT JUNGLER WHO DONT NEED NO SMITE. Intentionally feeding mid. But there's no troll problem right? Naut; Had a Zed go out and get killed constantly because "IM ZED, NO ONE CAN STOP ME MWAHAHAHHAHAHA" *Proceeds to get two shot* But there's no troll problem right? Sej; Intentionally feeding Gnar and troll pick Aatrox. Aatrox was support who has never supported in his life I swear. Even the build was troll as hell. But there's no troll problem right? Naut; Semi AFK Graves. But there's no AFK problem right? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are 12 games, all with people that have been reported, and I expect myself included especially with how much it finally got under my skin at this point. And even I can admit I've said some pretty toxic stuff (to the point toxic would be a compliment at this point). But I can say, with 99% certainty that not one single report will actually go through. Why? Because not a single damn person wants to admit there is a problem in the community.
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