Guy trolling champp select to get people to dodge

Just tried to play a ranked game and ran into this guy. Banned our jungler's pick and proceeded to choose nunu adc with cleanse ghost. can riot look into this guy please. re now in a chat room with your full champion select team. Ur Gay M8 joined the room. _player 1_ joined the room. **_player 2_** : fuck u %%%% _Player 3_: ? _Player 1_ ME7H: settle down _player 2_ **_player 2_** : cuck boy _player 3_: what is this? **_player 2_** : fuck you Ur Gay M8 Futà: just so you know **_player 2_ **: that's what this is Ur Gay M8 Futà: this is being recorded **_player 2_** : think i give a shit **_player 2_ ** : you're the retarded in the club named after japanese hermaphrodites **_player 2_** : and you're trying to embarass me? **_player 2_ ** : cool man Ur Gay M8 Futà: well I'm sure riot will care **_player 2_ ** : go fuck a doge you weeaboo shit **_player 2_ ** : wow threatening to report me to riot Ur Gay M8 Futà: say more _player 1_ : this hostility **_player 2_** : not like that's be done before. **_player 2_ **: does your dad work for riot too? **_player 2_** : i get that quite a lot **_player 2_** : cuck boy Ur Gay M8 Futà: say more **_player 2_** : k **_player 2_ ** : enjoy the loss fuck wit
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