How many Cheating reports does it take to force action? Too many bots and sample found bot list

Was just wondering, because it would seem bots are even easier to spot at the moment with a new jungle bot having come out, and was about to compile the list of all the bots I have found in Coop vs AI. If it only takes 1 report to look at, go through match history and see the trend along with data of the game from the report, and be actionable, I won't bother... But since in AI games you can easily come across 3 bots in a game, if it requires 3 or 4 reports they can easily slip through the system, and I will continue. for example: (names removed) As you can see there are constants in their games. The jungle bots are easy to pick, whereas the standard bot we're all used to has the expected SFA damage to champs, low farm, ridiculous feeding numbers, and strings of games lasting days. Thank you. Alternatively, if you'd like to hire me I can go through players match histories find the obvious bots and send forward the evidence, I'd be happy to do it 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week for $70k per annum, since I guess you don't have anyone doing this atm. :)
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