14-Day Suspension - Misunderstanding - I'm not toxic

Look I know this reads bad but it is a complete misunderstanding all my comments were directed to my duo partner and best friend "chavee" as you can see I reference him several times in the chat log. I was on Teamspeak with him but not using my mic and just typing to him via game while he spoke . There are extensive periods in the chat log where I just talk to myself. His summoner name is Weelzop.- he was the alistar (cow) I can get him to comment on this thread and confirm everything and he was honestly so surprised I was banned. I'm terribly sorry and know that I should have been more careful and not be using the ingame chat in that way. I honestly was just poking around with him and not being toxic to anyone directly in the game. Only had a bit of banter wif enemy gnar and j4 after a good play but they also bantered me. I NEVER FLAMED ANYONE IN MY TEAM. The only reason I was even reported was because someone was mad we lost a winnable game. I even reference in the chat log that chavee is egging me on to type more so he can report me and get me banned- Literally it was all a joke I promise I was not being toxic. If you give me a second chance and lift my suspension so I can please play my favourite game, I will be very careful in future and not use the game chat in such a way. Thanks for your time and understanding. Game 1 In-Game Shiven: btw ali is dog shit Shiven: hes my duo Shiven: uve been warned Shiven: dont trust him Shiven: just setting expectation Shiven: ok ull see Shiven: haha Shiven: i hope so Shiven: lil %%%% been playi%%%%or 2 months Shiven: thinks he's bunny fufu Shiven: my ping is retarded Shiven: p Shiven: kk Shiven: i fkcen went rambo Shiven: and put cable Shiven: wtf Shiven: wtfs Shiven: fs Shiven: df Shiven: g Shiven: df Shiven: g Shiven: gdf Shiven: g Shiven: g Shiven: .. mb Shiven: mb sry Shiven: if i dint lag id have had more dmg Shiven: gj Shiven: i luv palying Shiven: i luv palying wif u chavveee Shiven: even tho u %%% Shiven: i dunno%%%hiven: it means Shiven: u like dik Shiven: %%%* Shiven: %%%* %%%ven: sry wr%%% chat Shiven: no ciggarete Shiven: not bad Shiven: cavee Shiven: chaveee Shiven: id idnt say bad Shiven: i said f 88888 g Shiven: cahve emid Shiven: chaveee Shiven: cahveee Shiven: omg Shiven: kncock him Shiven: in tower Shiven: u fucken dubm cow Shiven: nice gnar Shiven: u cant touch me Shiven: even j4 lil bich Shiven: nah it wasnt Shiven: im stupid chavee Shiven: cois Shiven: im abd Shiven: happy Shiven: u fucken dumb cow Shiven: learnt to use ur abilitiues Shiven: im gonna stop abusing u Shiven: i know ur reporting me Shiven: omg Shiven: ez Shiven: lol Shiven: hbahaha Shiven: hahaa Shiven: that was hilarious Shiven: i woulda prob done the same Shiven: that was ur fault chavee Shiven: sumhow Shiven: yeh it wast\ Shiven: chavee am i racist? Shiven: chavee Shiven: did u rly Shiven: let him not tank it Shiven: omfg Shiven: im sry guys iu went to get tower Shiven: o thout he wud Shiven: if i was there Shiven: ic oudla told him Shiven: overmic Shiven: im not there Shiven: omg how Shiven: howd Shiven: u lose base Shiven: wtf Post-Game Shiven: its so bs i coulda carried that so ez not even mad at anyone Shiven: but myself Shiven: dude ur dog shit Shiven: and u knwio it Shiven: lol
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