Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!

there are too many chinese players (mainly from China/Taiwan) are ruining games for other players. they mainly scold in the language that wont be understand but most of all they refuse to communicate using pings, as they have their ego or some sort. Previous months were ok but this few weeks they were a mass of them(like at least 2 in a game), mostly are in premade groups so solo players are forced to coup with there behaviour. I am sure reporting them would have no use as i have reported every single that are toxic. i hope riot would do something about it as it is naturally unfun now. Since the game is snowbally, they didnt even care playing safe,going 0/3-0/6 in the first 10mins. giving advice to them is useless and they will scold you back. ' The point is these players are all about themselves or "selfish" whether they feed and drag you along with you. I dont see how these team strategy games gonna develop with these players around
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